New Twitter Bug Gets You Unlimited Followers

Twitter is experiencing some sort of bug as of Jan 26th 2014. This bug seems to inflate your followers. Log into twitter with a ‘second’ account then go to the account of the user that you would like to increase followers on. Then rapidly click on the follow button (unfollow/follow) Keep an eye on amount of followers and watch it grow.



Top Search Engine Keywords for 2010

Today I decided to look through my search engine stats for 2010  and here is a list of my top keywords for 2010…

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I definitely need to beef this up for 2011…

Win a FREE Apple Ipad

For those that know me personally I AM NOT a huge fan of Apple and their elite wannabe  customer base (sorry apple guys/girls)  Althought browsing my Google Reader last night I noticed that Shoemoney who is quite famous for his saavy marketing tricks and online give aways. Is giving away a FREE Apple Ipad. The rules are that you must visit his new website and fill out the form to receive your FREE SEO report. Then make a blog post or website page that has a short review of his new web service and leave a link to this review as a comment on his blog.  Go ahead and check out the blog post here. I’m not expecting to actually win this (keeping my fingers crossed). Take a look at my FREE SEO review post here.

31 July, 2010 23:28

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18 July, 2010 01:50

Thievery corporation from the pier next door

How to recover Ubuntu after installing Windows 7

My primary OS of choice has been Ubuntu Linux for the past 2 years. Although I cant seem to ween myself away from Windows entirely. I recently installed Windows 7 on my desktop PC and after rebooting my Ubuntu Grub boot loader had disappeared… this is how I fixed the problem and got myself back to dual booting both Ubuntu and Windows 7.

First you need to boot off an Ubuntu Live CD so pop that in your CDROM drive and reboot. When the menu comes up choose ‘try Ubuntu without installing‘. After everything loads and you have the desktop screen up. Click on ‘Applications‘ at the top and scroll to ‘Accessories‘ then go down to ‘Terminal‘ this will load a box with a prompt for you to type in commands.

here is what you need to enter for commands in order:

  • sudo grub [enter]
  • find /boot/grub/stage1 [enter]

(then whatever comes up for data use that in the following)

  • root (hd?,?) [enter]
  • setup (hd0) [enter]
  • quit [enter]

then reboot and your Ubuntu Grub should be back.

Knight SEM on Facebook!

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